With Peter Svidler, No. 8 chess player in the world

Chess classes online

Hello to all!

   My name is Lukajic Bojan National Master from Serbia ( Achieved international rating 2200+ ). Experienced chess coach, work on any chess topic that interests you, no matter of your age, or of your chess skill. Among others I trianed member of US national team U8, and girl who was 4th on a Norway championship U12. I charge 6 dollars per hour, possible discount if you take more lessons at once. Lessons in English, live talk and analyse by using *Skype*, modern methods and literature. If you are interested, contact me plase over my mail - brbakov35@gmail.com, or add me as a friend on a *Skype*. My adress on *Skype* is *johnson3johny*

   I have a habbit before first class, I play one or two fast games with the student, two of us to get to know each other - as personalities, as players, to exchange a few, this I do not charge. Only then we start with the *Official* part.


       Friendly Salute from Lukajic Bojan, National Master!